Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Knocking Process

It says to knock and the door will be opened. Yet, have you ever considered what is truely involved in the knocking process?

Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Draw nigh to God.
Knock--the door is closed, and you suffer from palpitation as you knock.

Cleanse your hands--
knock a bit louder, you begin to find you are dirty.

Purify your heart--
this is more personal still, you are desperately in earnest now--you will do anything.

Be afflicted--
have you ever been afflicted before God at the state of your inner life? There is no strand of self-pity left, but a heartbreaking affliction of amazement to find you are the kind of person that you are.

Humble yourself--
it is a humbling business to knock at God's door--you have to knock with the crucified thief.

To him that knocketh, it shall be opened.
(Oswald Chambers)

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  1. Gorgeous doors. Love them, love them, love them. But I got to thinking. I wished that one was open. Maybe that is where faith comes in.