Friday, June 8, 2007

A New Face

I'm done switching blogs now . . . I think. Hopefully this new face will last me a little while. My first blog--travelingrace--was specifically for my Australia semester. The second--trustgrace--I developed for the second half of my junior year. (I wasn't traveling anymore, so a new name was necessary.)

I'm sure you've noticed the theme: grace. Grace. This new title is so relevant. I have been granted grace. I am saved by grace. His grace is sufficient and more than enough. His grace still amazes me.

The weather is nasty. But I don't mind. I quite enjoy storms. However, I would rather be at home, curled up on the couch watching a movie (preferably The Inheritance) than here at work.

I finally was able to talk to my Long Island friend, Amy. It had been way too long since our last conversation but we picked up right where we left off. My Australia-sister-for-four-months is really an amazing young lady. I'm so glad our friendship is continuing strong.

Gary and I went to the downtown library last night. It's amazing! (And the company wasn't too shabby either.) I think I have a new favorite place. Jess and I decided that we need to go spend 3 hours there on a Sunday afternoon . . . soon. In a library I love to browse the aisles, find a book, sit in the aisle and read a bit, and then find another book to begin all over again. Sometimes I grab an armful of interesting books and find a comfy place to read.

Sean's graduation party is tonight. Excited to spend time with the CGS group.

In His grace,
Jana Alexis


  1. I keep meaning to go to that library. I'm glad you enjoyed it....maybe that will motivate me to get down there soon ;)

    Wish I could hang out with everyone tonight....but I'm going to be with Connie (Rapone) Jones GETTING MY HAIR DONE! So I'm a little excited about that ;) hehe....have a good rest of your day at work. I'm trying to enjoy mine here....bleh!!!

  2. I love it. And Jana, my dear, you never bother me.

    We got to get down to see you and Gary. It would be so much fun.

  3. hey yana . . . i like the blog. it's tempting me to get one, maybe someday :)

  4. libraries are wonderful.....i would go to the one in Hicksville but i have an outstanding debt.......yikes!

  5. Hi Jana,
    I like the blog. It's so nice to know what's happening in your life.
    We drove by Bethel yesterday and the kids talked about you saying, "that's where Jana goes to school". :)
    You're a blessing.

  6. Liking the new blog. Great seeing you Friday! I hope you had a great rest of the weekend! See you Wednesday!

  7. Jana there's not comment section under the doors. Odd. The doors are beautiful. Makes you wonder what's on the other side.