Friday, July 20, 2007


I love the randomness of summer days.

Last Friday Jordan, Gary, and I rode bikes downtown on the Rivergreenway. I love downtown and it was a beautiful evening to bike.

Saturday afternoon Jason, Jordan and I swam at the Arlington Park pool. (We have passes now because my Grandma lives there.) I watched them play "21" and then resigned myself to being dunked multiple times. Yay for big younger brothers! They sure make me laugh. We sunned and watched Jordan dive off the diving board. He's good.

That evening we joined the Revolution for games, a movie, and fellowship at the Schenkes. Password, Mao, and Spoons. "Bourne Supremacy." I think I had a migraine towards the end of the night but it was still fun.

Mr. Nelson did an excellent job teaching on Sunday morning. I was definitely challenged not to portray Christianity as easy or to make an easy conversion . . . I still need to do more processing.
Mom and I enjoyed our Sunday afternoon: napping, cleaning, and shopping. Three of my favorite things. G and I ran errands later on and just talked. An "Extreme Days" viewing finished out the evening. "Well, you were very persistent."

"Life gave me lemonade and I can't imagine why. Pour it on a summer day beneath a tangerine sky. I live life without pretending. I'm a sucker for happy endings. Thanks for the lemonade!" Chris Rice

J. Alexis

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  1. You have a lovely way of writing about life. Summer has a special feel to it for sure. It is a gift that you can stand back and enjoy.