Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Paid Holidays!

Good evening.

I keep thinking that I have to work tomorrow and then I remind myself---Woo-hoo!!! A day in the middle of the week off of work. I adore paid holidays.

I started typing quotes today at 8am. By 2pm, my eyes wouldn't stay open any longer and I couldn't concentrate. So, I helped one of the guys water the flowers and the bushes. It took over an hour and a half. Any excuse to be outside and to have a break from typing.

Mom and I went to Jordan's game in Berne on Saturday. We browsed the shops downtown before the game started--so fun. That evening my friend Nora from school came to visit. Gary joined us in a grand dinner-making effort: baked ziti, salad, and bread. Then Nora, Jess, Jordan, and I walked through Headwaters Park downtown and took lots of pictures.

Here are some shots from my last State of Grace performance. Goodness, I didn't know I could look so mean.