Monday, July 16, 2007

Oswald Chambers

Beware. The following post contains slightly uncomforable and definitely challenging quotes from Oswald Chambers. On July 17 I will complete my second read-through of "My Utmost of His Highest"---freshman year and junior year of college. I want to honor this incredible man of God whose writing inspires me to live beyond my nicely packaged Christianity, to live radically for the only One who matters.

"To the saint personal insult becomes the occasion of revealing the incredible sweetness of the Lord Jesus."

"My vision of God depends upon the state of my character. Character determines revelation."

"It must be God first, God second, and God third, until the life is faced steadily with God and no one else is of any account whatever."

"It will be a big humiliation to realize that I have not been concerned about realizing Jesus Christ, but only about realizing what He has done for me."

"Dare I really let God be to me all that He says He will be?"

"The Christian life is gloriously difficult, but the difficulty of it does not make us faint and cave in, it rouses us up to overcome."

"Thank God He does give us difficult things to do! His salvation is a glad thing, but it is also a heroic, holy thing. It tests us for all we are worth. Jesus is bringing many 'sons' to glory, and God will not shield us from the requirements of a son. God's grace turns out men and women with a strong family likeness to Jesus Christ, not milk-sops. It takes a tremendous amount of discipline to live the noble life of a disciple of Jesus in actual things."

May you be encouraged. May that spur you on. May you live a dangerous and unconventional Christian life. Most importantly, may you know Jesus Christ and live for His glory.
Amen--let it be so.
Jana Alexis

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  1. I need to get out my MUFHH one of these days. I'm terribly inconsistent with reading it, but I always am glad that I did. Very cool to read some of your favorite quotes. Maybe I'll rustle up a few of my favorites as well :).