Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I'm not sure who reads this blog . . . so these random shout-outs may never reach the intended. No matter . . . I'm going to shout anyway.

Shout-Out to Unleashed, Rev and Others
Thanks for a great weekend at the Dunes. It really was wonderful. I loved the water, clay, sand, reading, Euchre, pudgy-pies, sleeping in a tent, sunsets, massages, sunning, cold water, running . . . Good times.

Shout-Out to Jeremy Camp
Thanks, sir, for your great music. I've been listening to your new CD--Beyond Measure. It's been an encouragement to me.

I know that I’ve been given more than beyond measure.
I come alive when I see beyond my fears.
I know that I’ve been given more than earthly treasure.
I come alive when I’ve broken down and given you control.

Shout-Out to Megan, two Ashleys, Lindsay, Alex, Chris, Jessica, Brad, Brenda . . . and I'm sure I'm missing some others . . .
Thanks girls for random coffee outings, processing sessions, lunch at the park, walks, and disclosures at Taco Bell. I've enjoyed meeting with you and getting to know you a bit better.

Shout-Out to Gary S.
Hey--nice game on Monday. 10 run rule. That's pretty amazing!

I think I'm hoarse now. Enough shouting.
Praise God for His faithfulness.

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  1. I check your blog daily when I'm near a computer which is almost daily. Shout out to you for shouting out. Gary is good at games, but not as good as his sister. That is what he told us at Bible school. That's one of the things I think is great about Gary... willingness to admit defeat.