Thursday, August 16, 2007

1 through 10 and 19

1: more year to go at Bethel College
2: pictures already hanging on the walls
3: desks in our living area
4: hours to basically unload and unpack everything
5: minutes to listen to my alarm after my nap
6: packages of lightbulbs in the cabinet
7: bags of cookies from Grandma in the freezer
8: people bowling tonight
9: months until I'll live at home again
10: minutes until I should be in bed
19: pairs of shoes currently in my closet


  1. I like your list! Maybe I'll try to create something like that today. I bet it'll be different than yours! Have a great Friday!
    Love & hugs, Aunt Cate

  2. 19! Good Heavens Jans! :-)

  3. haha....that reminds me of a post on my xanga ;) I love it!!!!

    And yeah, I thought of you when I scheduled my accounting class. I heard you liked yours?? I can't wait!