Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cold Air---Finally

My air conditioning hasn't been working for the past week. They finally fixed it today. Three guys were in and out of my room for an hour trying to get it working. Just in time too—Holly moved in today. :)

Most of the girls in my building are here. It's so nice to hear feet and people and laughter. I'm going to like all these girls a lot. I know it's going to be a good year.

Backing up. Moving in the freshmen was quite the experience. It rained . . . it poured . . . we got drenched (as did their stuff) . . . and it was a blast. I probably should not have carried so many heavy things; my shoulders and back were complaining later. I guess they still can’t handle work like that. Thanks to Nora's massages and my ice pack, I'm feeling much better.

Side note. Brooke and I are only in charge of 51 girls, not 52. My bad.

Exciting news. Holly and Charity and I are all finally together! I love my two roommates! Charity and I had some sweet times over the weekend—at Chicago and chatting in our room and walking to Dollar General. I know more wonderful memories to come with both of them.

Last night Brooke, Rachel, Jenny, and I went to Rachel’s house for dinner. She lives in Chesterfield, about an hour away. Fish on the grill. Great conversations. Laughing at an SAT vocabulary CD. Good times.

Sunday all of the RAs went to Chicago with the freshmen blocks. Cities are one of my favorite places ever, as is water—and I got to see both in the same day! I enjoyed getting to know a few freshmen better. Ten of us walked to Navy Pier, ate lunch (fried rice and an iced coffee for me), and then walked up and down Michigan Ave.

I love the wide eyes I get when I tell the freshmen that I’m a senior. It makes me feel old and experienced, although I’m really neither of those. My name is so hard to remember, so I started telling them “Jana Banana” as a memory aid in hopes that will help. My luck—it will be spread around campus in a few days.

Time to slip outside for some me-and-God time. Oh. Yes.


  1. It's funny how the doubt melts away when people you know you will be friends with arrive...

    I'm excited to hear about your year Jana Banana.

  2. I am enjoying your blog, Jana. Looking forward to having you home in a little over a week! OXOOX!

  3. I'm glad you have AC now! I hate being hot....although now it's officially the first of September so maybe it'll start cooling down. We can hope ;)

    See ya a week from tomorrow, JANA!! (I'm surprised people have a hard time remembering your name....I can relate though ;)

  4. Sounds amazing darling. What an amazing thing for those freshman girls to have you as their RA. I am jealous. Can't wait to talk again and see you this weekend!!