Wednesday, August 8, 2007

One More Week

Whew. It's warm. Or maybe it'd be more apt to say: it's hot! The temperature was 96 degrees when I drove back from the dentist today. I was going to get up to go on a short jog at 5:45 this morning. Forget that! I turned off the alarm and got right back into bed. It's a good thing, too, because I probably wouldn't have stopped sweating by the time I needed to get ready for work.

Vacation in Virginia was a great time with extended and immediate family. Highlights include: laughing with Jessica, kayaking in the mountains, lots of good food, shopping in the quaint Lexington downtown, being bothered by Jordan and Dad, spending an entire day reading and sunning, driving in the mountains, talking to Mom, and pineapple shakes.

I had lots of good reading time on the trip: Insiders, In the Grip of Grace, Great Expectations, the Bible. There seems to be one consistent theme. I am learning that failure and weakness and imperfection in me grants Jesus a door to be Who He is: my Savior. “Our hunger, then, is not a yearning to be avoided but rather a God-given desire to be heeded. Our weakness is not to be dismissed but to be confessed.” (Max Lucado) I truly need Him. "How gracious He will be to you when you cry for help!" (Isaiah)

One more day of work. One more week before I go back to Bethel College for my last year. One more Sunday and Wednesday with my church family. One week to pack up all of my belongings—headed for the attic or the dorm room. That last one scares me the most at the moment. I haven’t even printed my packing list yet.

I had a thought tonight. The more I can accept God’s grace, the more I will be able to be gracious to others. I’m not so good at that, however this thought encourages me to keep at understanding His grace. Perhaps slowly I will learn to share a fraction of that grace with those around me.

Okay. Time to work on my resume. I have one interview tomorrow and then another on Friday for after I graduate. Oh Lord—help me and give me wisdom.

In His amazing grace.


  1. Praying for you for your interview today. Also praying for you as you decide what to pack for coming back to campus.

  2. You know what? You're going to do great. Or as it were you probably already did great! I like you Jana. I think you're honest and kind and real. I look forward to hearing all about your senior year. It's such a fun time. And you seem ready to relish every moment. I'm off to do all the saturday thigns we do.