Thursday, August 23, 2007

One Week Down

One week is finished already and I won't even start classes for another week. That's a weird feeling. RA training is going well. Today was our last full day; the freshmen start moving in tomorrow.

Random happenings from the past week:

We served at Center for the Homeless on Friday and Saturday. I stacked chairs, organized cabinets, cleaned dirty dishes, played tag with kids, cut up tomatoes and cantaloupe, let girls play with my hair, and served lunch (which was my favorite part).

Sunday we had worship and a short devotion together and then enjoyed an amazing buffet brunch at Tippecanoe Place. Amazing food! I spent the afternoon with God . . . much needed and so encouraging.

I’ve been to 16 sessions so far for RA training. We’re learning about everything from Exploring Leadership and Emergency Procedures to Conflict Resolution and Mission Statements. So much information is packed in my head right now.

I really like my RA/RD team. My co-RA is Brooke Gilbert (who actually grew up in Leo). The other RAs in the apartment next to us are Jenny and Rachel. Together, Brooke and I are in charge of 52 girls. Our RD is Julie. She and her husband, Travis, are the RDs for the Founders Village apartments. The guy RAs are Zach K., Nate, Adam, Danny, and Zach B. It’s a good team. We ate dinner together last night and played Taboo and Fast Scrabble.

Just so you know . . . even though I love words and I love to write . . . I stink at word games. Taboo. Scattergories. Fast Scrabble. Yep—I’m awful. Thank goodness I'm not playing to win.

Some other things that happened: CPR training, leveling the sand volleyball court, shopping for dorm decorations, playing fast scrabble, Ritters excursion, role playing/responding to situations, and a bus tour around Mishawaka.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure what I’ve gotten myself into with this RA thing. Can I do this? I’m not so sure. However, I was reminded today that I may not be able to do this . . . but God sure can. Trust God. Love people. Leave room for grace. That’s about all there is to it.

He is a gracious God.
Oh—may I not forget that amazing truth.
Jana Alexis

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  1. Hi Jana, so good to catch up with what you're doing. Aaron and I have been in Kelowna for a week visiting family. Fun times. We loved so much catching up with people.

    I think you're going to make a great RA. I think the hardest part with be when the time comes to remind people of the rules. People hate that. If you ever need a listening ear I'm available. I was pretty much an RA at Capernwray so I know what you're up for!

    Every blessing as you begin your year. Drink it in. Savor the moments.