Friday, September 28, 2007

"SG"s of My Life

It seems that I have an embarrassment of riches in the "SG" realm. I can't really use that abbreviation because it stands for five very different things in my life. Here goes the explanation, which I'm sure you knew was coming.

State of Grace--the first occurrence of that infamous phrase. State of Grace is the dance company that I became a member of about eight years ago. We are based out of Washington, D.C. at the moment. Who knows when I'll dance with them again . . . it's always a God-thing, last minute . . . but I'm already looking forward to it.

Sufficient Grounds--the wonderful Bethel coffee shop. Thank goodness for some place on campus where I can "get away." I spent almost three hours there this morning, much-needed Jana-time. Tonight Holly, Charity, and I enjoyed some roommate bonding. H and C ate a late dinner while I sipped my mango yogurt smoothie. We started to make a list of all the ways we are similar. It's amazing we get along so well--all this perfectionism, over-analyzation, and oldest-sibling-characteristics in one room could be a scary thing.

Shekinah Glory--my wonderful Bethel dance team. There are twenty-five girls right now. It's pretty crazy but I'm enjoying it to the hilt. I just received information about possible Chapel performances for the future. Time to get started on the choreography. We're going to fill that auditorium with dancing.

Study Guide--So far, I've made three this year: applied math, income tax, and intermediate accounting. I think my study habits are solid. (Senior year--it's about time.) Now I know how I work best. No more do I need to spend hours and hours studying in the library . . . no longer do I want to do that.

"Something Good"--Okay. So this one doesn't really fit; but, I just had to mention my wonderful weekend. Gary and I explored Chicago on Saturday. It was a beautiful day--not a cloud in the sky--and the "happenings" were marvelous and the company was fabulous. Sorry, Holly. I do believe that I have the most amazing boyfriend ever.

Well, maybe it's my God Who makes it all so amazing.
So happy. So blessed.
Jana Alexis


  1. Hey! New setup. I likey. I'm glad i know this curly haired woman of God.

  2. Hugs to you, my sweet! Have a terrific weekend. In answer to your question on MY blog, I LOVE my job. I'll email you about it, but the people I work with are the best, and the kids never cease to surprise you. Smiles,
    Aunt Cate

  3. Okay, I like the new look with the snappy pic up top. Genius. As for the last one, that could have been S, Gary. Good one eh???

    So I really liked this blog. It took some observation to notice all of the SGs in your life. I'm all about the observation of the little things. The big things turn us this way or that, but it's the little things that make the turns worth taking.

  4. Also, love the links to other friend's blogs. They seem like people I'd love to go to coffee and chat with.

  5. hey jana eberly!

    thanks for this weekend, pretty much GRAAAND!!!! i love you so much and thrilled to be able to call you my "best friend." can't wait till the next time we can chill together! praying for you...just 'cause i can!

  6. Jana Alexis!
    Nice post..I have to say that I very much enjoyed that! Ü And just incase you didn't know...I LOVE YOU!
    Enjoy this beautiful day ( or what's left of it!)