Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Fall Break

Oh. Am I glad to be home. The past week was sure tough but I made it.

Class update:
  • Federal Income Tax: I took the second test yesterday. The multiple choice problems (15) took 25 minutes and the open book problems (5) took me 65 minutes. Whew. That's quite the test.
  • Conducting: We had two exams this week. It's amazing how much practicing can help. I can feel the baton becoming an extension of my arm.
  • Math: Logarithms was the topic for Wednesday. It actually clicked . . . such a great feeling.
  • Intermediate Accounting: I didn't do great on the last test. When I called my Dad, he reminded me that in three years that grade won't matter.
  • Managerial Finance: I wish this class was harder. We're learning about the time value of money right now. I did my homework for Wednesday at 1am that morning.

Such a gorgeous fall day. The colors are changing. It's breezy. Leaves are on the ground. I told Mom this morning when we were walking that I wish I could live in a place of perpetual fall.

Who was the idiot that planned a dentist appointment for 9am on the first day of break? That would be me. When I got there this morning, the electricity was out. They checked my appliance anyway and it's lookin' good. I still need to wear it about 18 hours a day.

Praise God. Make His praise glorious.

All praise to my "God Who Hears Prayer." Let me tell of all the wonderful things He has done for me. Most amazing of all, He has provided a way for me to be saved. If He never did another thing, His grace would be enough. I would still owe Him my life.

Amen--let it be so.
Jana Alexis


  1. When you find perpetual fall, let me know because I want to live there too!!

    Got a little cold. I wonder where those germs came from....The hundreds of germy angels who come to my desk everyday??
    Aunt Cate

  2. By the way, as a former grade obesser, I can totally back up what your dad is saying. He's right about the test score... I might even say 6 months to a year. :)