Monday, November 26, 2007

Now is Later

In Chapel this morning, Dr. Dendiu spoke about the deadly sin of sloth. He put up pictures of sloths on the screen. Ug—for some reason, they give me the willies and make me cringe. The title of this blog refers to something Dr. Dendiu said: sometimes we put off things until later . . . we have 4 weeks left in the semester . . . now is later.

I sure enjoyed my Thanksgiving break with the family. Here are the top five happenings.

  1. Family Time. I think I can safely call it a Bruce-Eberly-family-reunion. We just had so much fun being together. Praise God! We sat around and talked and laughed and bothered. Mom and I did a puzzle. We all watched “Ratatouille” on Wednesday night after we ate dinner with Grandma. We snacked on chips and dip and pop on Thursday. We cooked together. On Sunday, we got our Christmas tree and decorated the house. Wonderful memories. I love my family so much.
  2. Friends Time. It was also time for a friends reunion. Christina, Justin, and Lindsay were all home from college. The Revolution college group had a party Wednesday night. I think it officially started when the Eberlys showed up around 9:30. We line danced for about 2 hours. My feet hurt but it was worth it. Especially since I won the competition dance.
    Saturday night was the 8th (or something like that) annual game night after Thanksgiving at the Eberlys. We played Midnight Madness, Knot, and President. It was so good to be with the old group again. Praise God for friends after all these years.
  3. Chat Time. I met with quite a few people over break. Brad and Brenda welcomed me into The Black Hole on Tuesday. Grandma and I met for coffee on Friday afternoon. Saturday morning (from 9:30 to 12:30 actually) Chris, Alex and I caught up. I always wish there was more time to see people but I am thankful for the conversations that I d0 have—refreshing and encouraging.
  4. Mom Time. We spent four hours shopping on Friday. And no—we did not get up early. After a leisurely morning, we headed out to Sears, JCPenny, Khols, Plato’s Closet, and Wal-Mart. I sure enjoyed time with my mom over the weekend. She is such an encouragement to me and so quick to be my friend.

Now is the time to finish the semester strong. I also desire to finish well. But things just keep piling on: RA responsibilities, floor events, Shekinah Glory performances, class projects, and decisions. In the midst of it all, I am overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness.

Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father;
There is no shadow of turning with Thee;
Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not;
As Thou hast been, Thou forever will be.

One last piece of news: my fish, William Wordsworth, passed away while I was away on break. I guess it is partly my fault because I didn’t want the hassle of bringing him home. (Oops!) My dad said a few words as he flushed him away—goodbye Willie!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Break At Last

I'm home. The 1.25 days flew by swiftly (Monday + 1 morning class on Tuesday). I managed to fit in--besides my classes--quite a few conversations, dinner with the girls, a nap, Insider Bible study, Finance meeting, packing, and a much-needed chat with my dear friend, Marissa Mills.

The house is definitely much louder than my dorm in the morning. I did sleep in until 8 o'clock, though. That's better than 6:30 or 7. Besides, I was asleep by 10:45pm. Whoever invented sleep is a genius.

Can I just say that I'm glad to be with my family? Mom and I enjoyed our 2-hour conversation on the way home. I started giving Jordan a hard-time right away. Dad was happy to see me. Jess pretended like she was upset but I know she was glad to see me, too. We enjoyed snuggling on the cough while watching "The Waltons."

I'm thankful for the cross. Lately, I've realized even more the magnitude of what Jesus did for me. How small is my understanding of the true humility and greatness and impact of His death. And how little I truly understand how much He really loves me. Thanks for reminding me of that, Jess.

I'm out. Time to do some more relaxing.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Life Goes On

Be Thou my battle-shield, sword for my fight,
Be Thou my dignity, Thou my delight.
Thou my soul's shelter, Thou my high tower.
Raise Thou me heavenward, O Power of my power.

Classes are going well. I tried to work ahead this week. A homework-free Thanksgiving break is the goal. I finished two projects and a paper ahead of time. Conducting is keeping me hopping. If everyone else continues to not practice, then I'm in good shape. We learned about linear programming in Math class. Accounting is clicking as it did my sophomore year. I love all of the number crunching. Federal Income Tax is my least favorite class. I'm glad I studied until 2am on Tuesday night for the test on Wednesday. My Senior Experience paper is done and turned in, so I'm basically done with that class besides attending the rest of them. There is only a test and a project left in Management Finance.

The best lunch of the week: tuna/egg salad on toast. Quick, easy, and oh-so-delicious. I was one happy girl.

Thursday night Brooke and I hosted a game night for the 2nd floor girls. We played Midnight Madness, Spoons (which I semi-won), and Apples-to-Apples (which I got three cards on). We also ate fun-fetti (sp?) cake and candy. Good times.

I asked Holly on Thursday if I could spend the day with her today. We went to church at Grace and ate dinner with her family at her grandparent's afterwards. Then we crashed at her empty home for a movie. We finished watching "Wives and Daughters"--a 5-hour mini-series that we started last night. I definitely recommend the movie, by the way.

Only a day and a half until I come home.
I'm ready to be home.
Ah. Home.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Warm Drinks
When it starts to get cold, nothing beats a warm drink. Raspberry herbal tea. Any kind of herbal tea. Earl Grey. Chai. Hot apple cider. Coffee. Hot chocolate. Steamers. It's all delicious.

During our roommate bonding time last night, Holly, Charity, and I discussed this. Atmosphere is important to me. For example, I can't stand flourescent lights. Decorations and homey aspects of a room also contribute to the atmosphere.

Listening to music is definitely a comfort issue for me. I always play music. I like finding new artists and new songs. I like cleaning to music. I like dancing to music. I like relaxing to music.

Definitely something that I enjoy. Peanut-butter. Chips & salsa. Apples. Salads with cottage cheese. Rice. Chocolate. Bread. Cookies--especially white-chocoalate-macadamia-nut or Tim-Tams. Popcorn.

Some other random comfort aspects: good friends, family, home, fleece blankets, candles, coffee shops, libraries, good books, journaling, pillows, Quiet Times, fire in a fireplace, flowers, e-mails.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

praise God . . .

Praise God for a Friday night dedicated to homework. It's amazing how much I can get done when I focus. I didn't even leave the room to get dinner. I made a peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich instead and kept on working.

Praise God for help to have a good attitude. One of the other RAs asked me to cover for her because she wasn't able to be on-duty this past weekend. I wasn't having a very good attitude about it on Friday . . . but God is good. I prayed about it and decided that I was going to do it joyfully even if I didn't feel like it.

Praise God for time with Gary over the weekend. We sure had a great time together--lots of laughing and time outside and talking. I'm glad that he beat me at the blow-up obstacle course at the Harvest Hootenanny. And I'm thankful that Gary was able to go to house church with me. But, I'm especially happy that we beat Charity and Nicole Freeman at Euchre (sorry, ladies!).

Praise God for a great Shekinah Glory performance Monday morning in Chapel. The girls did wonderfully. Everything came together. I so enjoyed dancing . . . as usual.

Praise God for the freedom to skip classes. Holly and I applied terrible peer pressure to each other and didn't go to Senior Experience last night. Tisk-tisk. It was wonderful to come back to the room after dinner and drink my coffee.

Praise God for our Insiders study.
Praise God for Reese's Pieces.
Praise God for the changing seasons (even though I'm not a big fan of the cold).
Praise God.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Christmas and Tea

Good evening.

I'm on duty again this weekend. Thus the late night blogging. I have accomplished a lot this evening though: conducting homework, tax homework, finance homework, hard-boiled some eggs, laundry, and Sufficient Grounds run for pumpkin spice/cinnamon coffee.

Last night Holly, Charity, and I talked from 9-11:30pm. I guess we had some catching up to do. We put on comfy clothes, turned on the Christmas music, wrapped up in blankets, sipped our tea, and talked to our hearts content. Praise God for a safe room, a comfortable room, a happy room. I so enjoy time with my roommates.

Christmas music? Did I just write Christmas music? Yes, November 1st was the day. My family usually waits until Thanksgiving. But, Holly was biting-at-the-bit. I put my foot down and insisted on no earlier than November 1st. Charity is building her Ruckus collection, so we've been listening to a wonderful variety. "It's Christmas Time"--City on a Hill--that just takes me back . . .

RA responsibilities are stepping up. Many meetings and notes and delivering toilet paper and taking around Student Council ballots and lunches and chatting with girls. Brooke--my coRA--and I met for lunch on Tuesday to discuss some possible upcoming events.

Shekinah Glory is going so well. There is such great rapport among the girls. It's hard stopping the many conversations to continue rehearsal----a good problem. We perform for the first time on Monday in Chapel, "Everything/God in My Living." Please pray that God would be glorified.

Time to do another round with Danny.
Real quick. Guess what God's teaching me? To be content. It's such a good thing.
"On Christ the solid Rock I stand."