Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Break At Last

I'm home. The 1.25 days flew by swiftly (Monday + 1 morning class on Tuesday). I managed to fit in--besides my classes--quite a few conversations, dinner with the girls, a nap, Insider Bible study, Finance meeting, packing, and a much-needed chat with my dear friend, Marissa Mills.

The house is definitely much louder than my dorm in the morning. I did sleep in until 8 o'clock, though. That's better than 6:30 or 7. Besides, I was asleep by 10:45pm. Whoever invented sleep is a genius.

Can I just say that I'm glad to be with my family? Mom and I enjoyed our 2-hour conversation on the way home. I started giving Jordan a hard-time right away. Dad was happy to see me. Jess pretended like she was upset but I know she was glad to see me, too. We enjoyed snuggling on the cough while watching "The Waltons."

I'm thankful for the cross. Lately, I've realized even more the magnitude of what Jesus did for me. How small is my understanding of the true humility and greatness and impact of His death. And how little I truly understand how much He really loves me. Thanks for reminding me of that, Jess.

I'm out. Time to do some more relaxing.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Love & hugs,
    Aunt Cate

  2. I hope the end of your break was just as relaxing as the beginning. Drink it in friend, drink it in. ... finals are coming. :) Hang in there!