Friday, November 2, 2007

Christmas and Tea

Good evening.

I'm on duty again this weekend. Thus the late night blogging. I have accomplished a lot this evening though: conducting homework, tax homework, finance homework, hard-boiled some eggs, laundry, and Sufficient Grounds run for pumpkin spice/cinnamon coffee.

Last night Holly, Charity, and I talked from 9-11:30pm. I guess we had some catching up to do. We put on comfy clothes, turned on the Christmas music, wrapped up in blankets, sipped our tea, and talked to our hearts content. Praise God for a safe room, a comfortable room, a happy room. I so enjoy time with my roommates.

Christmas music? Did I just write Christmas music? Yes, November 1st was the day. My family usually waits until Thanksgiving. But, Holly was biting-at-the-bit. I put my foot down and insisted on no earlier than November 1st. Charity is building her Ruckus collection, so we've been listening to a wonderful variety. "It's Christmas Time"--City on a Hill--that just takes me back . . .

RA responsibilities are stepping up. Many meetings and notes and delivering toilet paper and taking around Student Council ballots and lunches and chatting with girls. Brooke--my coRA--and I met for lunch on Tuesday to discuss some possible upcoming events.

Shekinah Glory is going so well. There is such great rapport among the girls. It's hard stopping the many conversations to continue rehearsal----a good problem. We perform for the first time on Monday in Chapel, "Everything/God in My Living." Please pray that God would be glorified.

Time to do another round with Danny.
Real quick. Guess what God's teaching me? To be content. It's such a good thing.
"On Christ the solid Rock I stand."


  1. i like your red shoe pictures in the previous update. :)

    i love you.
    it's true.

  2. The timing of Christmas music... hot topic. My sister Anne and I used to start in September. November is probably more appropriate, although I have one CD that I listen to year round. Some music just has a feel good feeling attached. There's something about hot cocoa with marshmallows and sugar cookies with Big Crosby in the background that just makes a person glad to be alive.

  3. ... Bing, not Big, that is. He was a regular sized person.