Tuesday, November 6, 2007

praise God . . .

Praise God for a Friday night dedicated to homework. It's amazing how much I can get done when I focus. I didn't even leave the room to get dinner. I made a peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich instead and kept on working.

Praise God for help to have a good attitude. One of the other RAs asked me to cover for her because she wasn't able to be on-duty this past weekend. I wasn't having a very good attitude about it on Friday . . . but God is good. I prayed about it and decided that I was going to do it joyfully even if I didn't feel like it.

Praise God for time with Gary over the weekend. We sure had a great time together--lots of laughing and time outside and talking. I'm glad that he beat me at the blow-up obstacle course at the Harvest Hootenanny. And I'm thankful that Gary was able to go to house church with me. But, I'm especially happy that we beat Charity and Nicole Freeman at Euchre (sorry, ladies!).

Praise God for a great Shekinah Glory performance Monday morning in Chapel. The girls did wonderfully. Everything came together. I so enjoyed dancing . . . as usual.

Praise God for the freedom to skip classes. Holly and I applied terrible peer pressure to each other and didn't go to Senior Experience last night. Tisk-tisk. It was wonderful to come back to the room after dinner and drink my coffee.

Praise God for our Insiders study.
Praise God for Reese's Pieces.
Praise God for the changing seasons (even though I'm not a big fan of the cold).
Praise God.


  1. Praise God indeed. And I'll add one about Gary. Praise God that he calls us while he's making trips back and forth to see you! It's always so awesome to hear from him and about what God is doing in him and also about what nice times he had with you!

  2. wow, Jana! i like your blog--it's great! just wanted to say that i'm also happy that you and Gary beat Nicole and me at euchre! :D i know--i'm weird ;)

    it's amazing--there are so many things we can praise God for and so often take for granted. i pray that i would be more aware of the ways God is touching my life and that i would thank Him for it.

    anyway, just wanted to write a comment on your blogger :)

    love you.