Tuesday, January 8, 2008

#1: Sasha

The following blogs I hope will give a glimpse of my time in China. What words suffice to convey my feelings about the trip: incredible, amazing, precious, growing, learning, wonderful . . . None do it justice.

The first day in the village a student found me and asked me to help her with English. She introduced herself by her English name: Sasha. We took a picture together and she asked for a hug. On Tuesday we talked about my family and different animals. She asked me about my dream and I told her: for everyone to know God. Her dream is to be an English teacher.

On Wednesday she found me again. Communication was hard with her limited understanding of English but I smiled a lot. Her hands were freezing and so she held mine to warm them. The last day, Thursday, I was already in the van when she found me. She reached inside and almost pulled me out to give me a big hug. I wish I could remember all that she said in those last moments in the crowd of crying people. I do remember she said something about teaching her more than English.

My heart hurts for her.

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