Monday, January 14, 2008

#3: Dancing in China

Line dancing will never be the same for me again. We taught the students on the basketball courts surrounded by beautiful mountains. Mr. J, our Chinese contact in the village, joined in with gusto but the students were more hesitant at first.

Monday we taught a few students informally on the courts. Then, Tuesday they brought in their local dance teacher to teach us a Tibetan dance in return for some line dancing lessons. The teacher was such a beautiful dancer. I loved watching how she moved her hands. Tallie, Beth, Erin, Brenda, Megan, and I got up on stage to learn the dance. It was slightly disconcerting: all eyes on us, a different language, and no mirror. We did it, though.

Next it was our turn. We taught them the electric slide, the electric slide with the stomp, and the "chicken" line dance. A few of us led on the stage while the rest danced among those learning. More teachers and students joined in. It was a long session, about 2 hours; they wanted to keep going.

On Wednesday we line danced for about 45 minutes in the later afternoon (after they were done playing basketball). Brad figured out a way to hook up his phone to their system and we danced to Chris Daughtry. I'm so thankful for the open door of dancing. It definitely served to lighten the mood and gave us something we could do with the Chinese even though we couldn't talk to them.


  1. Jana,

    I've loved reading these updates. It's been so fun for me to hear about the trip from a variety of different sides if you will, and these updates have been great! I'm so glad it was a good trip for everyone! Hope you get settled back into the school routine well!

  2. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next entry!! What an experience!

    On a different note...please send snow!
    Love & hugs,
    Aunt Cate