Sunday, January 27, 2008

Two Weeks Done

Thoughts from the second week of the semester:

  • Shekinah Glory started again on Thursday night. We only have about 14 girls this semester. Our first piece is very modern and odd. I like choreographing it.
  • I went on a cleaning rampage yesterday. Even the trashcans are clean. I love the satisfaction and inviting-ness of a clean room.
  • Working on theory homework can make me very frustrated. Especially when I'm already up-tight. I finally finished it tonight, after much-needed help from Megan.
  • I read an entire book on Saturday, just for fun, after my homework was done. "Hattie Big Sky" by Kirby Larson. It's juvenile fiction about homesteading in Montana. I got thoroughly lost in it and enjoyed reading immensely.
  • Charity and I laughed a lot this week. She makes me laugh . . . and I'm so thankful for that. (Love you, Charity!)
  • Megan, Charity, and I watched "The Fellowship of the Ring" on Friday night. I haven't seen the movies in awhile and I forgot how intense they were. Jason--you would be proud of my running commentary and explanation.

Hopefully I'll survive this week--World Christian Action Conference and a very busy schedule. And hopefully I'll have time to do one or two more China updates to round out the trip.

All for His glory.


  1. Hey, let me know if you need a massage to help get rid of some of the up-tightness... I haven't been giving enough back massages these days, and i fear i may get out of practice ;)

  2. Hello my dear... I totally laughed when I read your comment. I'm glad you made sure to take care of things so expediently. :) Jana, I miss you. I miss all you girls. Give everyone hugs for me... I'm glad you're getting to do a lot of reading. :) And I'll be praying for your crazy week.

  3. Jana! I only just saw your blog....and I know--you're going to see how late I posted this and wonder what I was still up for -> I'm putting off the RA application and blocking out the emotions of the day--Anyway, I love reading your blog!

    I'm so glad that I can help you laugh and that you enjoy it--probably almost as much as me!!! =)

    Love you...