Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This is post number 51. I've been composing it for awhile in my head, but there was no time to sit down and write. Now I'll probably forget all that I thought to write about.

I could tell you about my on-duty weekend. I could tell you about playing scooter-hockey in the gym on Sunday night. I could tell you about meeting with four girls for lunch today. I could tell you about my 15-hour stint on one project on Saturday (during which I cried twice and called my parents three times). I could tell you about spending time with my dear friend Kate on Friday and shopping(!). I could tell you about a speech test that only took 15 minutes. I could tell you about a wonderful phone call with my grandma in Virginia.

But that would take entirely too much time.

I have a new technique to refrain from screaming out in frustration in my Business Policy class. I set my open Bible on my lap and half-listen while I'm reading and memorizing. Creative multitasking is what I call it.

Four resumes/cover letters go in the mail tomorrow. I'm not panicking, just trusting. How comforting to know God has it all under control.

I was thoroughly challenged during our Insiders study tonight. Five girls and I dove in to learn about prayer and conversing our faith. I've been challenged a lot lately--to know Jesus, to study Scripture, to be vulnerable, to serve, to "get my hands dirty." I have a long way to go . . . but that's okay because Jesus is walking with me. I thought a lot about heaven today. It occurred to me that I will never be "ready" . . . but that's okay. His death paid it all. I can't wait to see HIS face.

Trying to breathe and
survive on six hours a night and
to live in the present despite the general craziness.
Jana Alexis

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  1. The last semester is tough. Hang in there. And remember... once you have your first job, no one cares about your GPA. Although I'm sure, like me, you still care.

    What did you end up choosing as your wall color for the redecoration?