Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beautiful Truth

Class happenings. Well. Not much to report. Just plugging along. Trying to learn and not simply to get the desired grade. I have much to reshape in this area of performance and approval. Please pray I would truly grasp His teaching and be able to change. I want to change.

RA happenings. I meet with my RD for our 1-on-1 every week and we meet as an RA team once a week. It is more comfortable with the girls now. I rode to church with Rachel this morning; I sure enjoy the time I spend with her. We lead the Insiders study together--which is going well, by the way. We only have two chapters left.

Friend happenings. I sure enjoyed my time with Charity this week. Let's see. Monday we ate lunch together and laughed during Financial Peace class. Tuesday we watched "American Idol." Thursday we made drop biscuits after Shekinah Glory because we were craving them--warm biscuits with butter and honey. Friday we went to the Jazz Coffeehouse concert and enjoyed our free hot chocolate. Yesterday we studied in the library from 2-7:30pm. Today we watched "Enchanted" at the Dollar Theater. What a blessing she is to me!

Job happenings. It's kind of slowed down right now. Please pray for wisdom and strength to continue the process.

Don't you just love it when a portion of Scripture jumps off the page at you? Begging to be considered and enjoyed and digested? Hebrews 9-12 did that to me on Friday morning. I asked God to open my heart . . . and He answered my prayer 10 minutes later. It was amazing!

". . . by one sacrifice He has made perfect forever those who are being made holy." Heb. 10:14
After reading this verse, I realized: Jesus made me perfect through His sacrifice; there is nothing I can even attempt to do for my own salvation. And now He is in the process ("being made") of making me holy, more like Himself.

Ah. Beautiful truth.
Jana Alexis

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  1. I really have enjoyed all the times we've had together as well...thank you!

    your comment about laughing during financial peace reminded me--yesterday when we were there and sitting towards the back, i made a comment about being able to talk more easily in the back, and i thought i got a sharp glance from Mrs. Bemis! i was worried at first that maybe i had upset her that i was talking when the video was starting, but i think maybe she just thought i was talking to her. i just thought it was kind of funny... ;)

    i really like that Heb. 10:14--earlier when you told me about it, i don't think i understood it as well as i do now that i read this.

    i love you.
    p.s. you're taking your HR test right now, so i pray that you are doing well and remembering what you've studied.