Monday, March 3, 2008

Being Lazy

I love being lazy. It's 11:15am and I still haven't showered and done my hair.

I love being at home.

I love the talks that Amy and I are having. I love this time with her.

I do have homework to do this week but I love not feeling the same kind of pressure.

I love spending time with my girl friends: Jessica, Charity, Alex, Nichole, Sarah, and Erin . . . You girls are so fun. I love to laugh with you.

And did I mention yet that I like times when I can be lazy?

Thank you, Jesus.
That's all.


  1. I remember Spring Break... it was absolutely delicious. Also, in high school we (at least two of the three sisters) always were house-sitting for people over spring break. To this day when Spring Break rolls around I feel like I should be watching movies, eating expensive ice cream and taking care of someone's dog.

  2. I love spending time with you too! I had a great time with you ladies on Sunday evening, for sure. Glad you've been enjoying your spring break to the full. Tell Amy I said hello. And I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


  3. I enjoyed being a part of one of your 'lazy' moments. =) Thank you for inviting me. Love you, Jana...see you soon!

  4. Lovely new header picture, Jana! :)