Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Sloshing" Thoughts

I've been composing an entry in my head for a few days. But, this morning my thoughts are all random:

My favorite "holiday" of the year already came and went: Good Friday and Easter weekend. Every year I am filled with sorrowful joy . . . celebrating His death and His resurrection. Every year I intentionally take time to meditate and remember and worship. This year, I was reminded anew of His incredibly gracious sacrifice.

No classes for me today. That is certainly a blessing.

My weekend at home was not relaxing but fun nonetheless. Highlights: Talking to Jessica while drinking coffee. Spending time with Mom in a coffee shop while we both did homework. Going to a Good Friday service. Eating breakfast with Dad. Laughing a lot at Alex's party (and spending time with Jason, Chris, and Alex). Going to church on Sunday morning! Time with the family and the Miller family on Sunday afternoon.

I survived a full day of interviews on Monday. It was exhausting but I made it. I was extremely nervous and worried about it on Friday. Then I decided that I needed to snap out of it. God has my job situation all under control . . . as usual.

At times my heart is overwhelmed with fear--so many thoughts sloshing around. God is good all the time . . . but I so easily give in to hopelessness. This morning I was encouraged as I meditated on His freeing sacrifice and the truth of His presence. "The Lord is near. Do not be anxious . . ."

I admit it: I am an introvert. Therefore, time alone to "recharge" is necessary. Yesterday I took a two hour nap, got stuck in a novel for 1 1/2 hours, and watching "American Idol" while I wrote letters. (Yes--I got stuck in a book. It happens to me. I start reading and then . . . bam . . . I look up and 2 hours have passed. It's a very dangerous habit.)

Enough rambling.
The main thing is to keep the main thing as the main thing.
And the main thing is Jesus.
Jana Alexis

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  1. wow...i feel like it would have been helpful to have a good pair of galoshes to splash through your "sloshing thoughts" =)

    ....i like your randomness....

    ....but i like you better.... ;)