Sunday, April 27, 2008


We were driving home from church today and a song about Jonah came on the radio.

It hit me.

If God cares enough to go after Jonah when Jonah was disobeying God's will on purpose, then how much more will God show me which way to go when I'm actively desiring His will? Why am I afraid that I'll miss it somehow?

I just keep walking. And He is faithful to guide me. I trust this to be true. I trust Him to be trustworthy.

Guess what? I'm really not afraid or nervous or worried. I'm just excited to see where He's going to lead and what He's going to do. Whatever it is. It'll be good.


  1. what a wonderful place to WILL be good

  2. Extremely encouraging post, my friend... :)

  3. Now that's a revelation! What you wrote here really rings true Jana. May the Holy Spirit give you the grace to stay this course when things look strange along the way!

  4. Nice... i like the picture updates :)