Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Little Busy

Where did the week go? Time is flying.
Here are the top eight happenings of the past six days, in no particular order.

  1. My dear friend Holly is home! Because one of her flights was delayed, I was unexpectedly able to go to the airport on Thursday night. It was so good to see her face and just to know that she's home. We have a lot of catching up to do but I'm waiting patiently. Coffee date next week, Holly?
  2. Business Policy is the current bane of my college existence. ("Bane": a source of harm or ruin; curse.) My team met Wednesday and Thursday night to practice our presentation. That went okay but the 75-page-paper is annoying me. Some of the guys have trouble with plagiarism and I even had to make a phone call about it. I do not enjoy confrontation. And I do not particularly enjoy editing 130 footnotes.
  3. Friday was crazy. My Business Policy group presented at 8:30am. Shekinah Glory danced in Chapel at 10am. Mom and Jess came to watch and we left immediately following. We drove to Fort Wayne, stopped at home for 15 minutes, picked up Dad, and then picked up Jason on the way down to Indy. We hung out there (more info in #4) and then drove back to Fort Wayne, arriving at 2am. This morning Mom and I left the house at 8am to drive back to Bethel.
  4. All the above craziness was completely worth it. I so enjoyed dinner with the family at PF Changs and walking around downtown Indy. Shrimp is delicious and I love cities! Next, we went to a coffeehouse concert—invited by our wonderful friends, Greg and Liz. Another friend, Chris, was able to come. Conversation and music and iced lattes and friendship—it was a good night.
  5. Things are wrapping up. Ballet is finished. During my last speech on Tuesday, I tried to convince freshmen and sophomores to start saving for retirement soon after graduation. Shekinah Glory is done and what a wonderful four years of dancing it has been. Financial Peace class is done. Brook and I organized one last dorm event: games and ice cream in the hallway.
  6. Tonight I watched John Michael (Cauffman) Swartz play wheelchair basketball. It was such a blessing—he is good! I said hi to my friend Rose and talked to her niece/my friend Melissa for awhile.
  7. I cheered for my roommates this week. Charity presented for the final stage of her psychology Research Methods class. What a culmination of an entire year of work! You did it, Charity! And I also listened to Megan play the trumpet for Performance Class. I most certainly have a new appreciation for the instrument and it was so much fun to hear her play.
  8. Is it apparent yet that I was a little busy this week? By Thursday night I was feeling pretty stressed and exhausted. The straw that almost broke the camel’s back: I accidentally left my cell phone in a school van and I had to call Campus Safety to get the key. And I’m not sleeping very well because there is so much on my mind. Hopefully this next week will be better. It shouldn’t be quite as crazy.

That's enough info on the
college undergrad life of Jana Alexis.


  1. thanks for cheering for me at my research methods presentation....that meant a lot to me. =)
    i appreciate you.

  2. 11 days...and counting!
    Praying for you and all your craziness!!

    I think you need a vacation.
    Let's go on a roadtrip soon..... please?
    ♥ ya!