Friday, April 4, 2008


I'm at Sufficient Grounds with Megan. We ate dinner and now she's studying Biology while I have my quiet time. I thought I'd type an update while I wait for my chai tea.

It's been a good week. I can't believe everything I can cram into 5 days. And all while feeling sick. I contracted this lovely cold on Tuesday . . . and it's been plaguing me ever since. I've been in a fog all day. Not fun. DayQuil and NyQuil are amazing.

Last night was my birthday present to me. ("I'm so happy!") Charity and I joined 98 others from Bethel College on a bus trip to see "Wicked" in Chicago. INCREDIBLE! It was the best night ever: coffee shop for dinner, latte-to-go, Millenium Park with the ladies, photo shoot, Borders, the show!, talking with Charity on the way home. I love the city. I love my friends. I love the stage. I am so blessed.

Classes are coming quickly to a close. Only 15 more days in the classroom at Bethel. Ever. That's an extremely bittersweet thought. However, I must say that I probably won't miss my Business Policy class. We turned in the 3rd draft of our paper today. It was 75 pages. We have yet to prepare for the half-hour presentation . . . "growl."

Counting down the days until graduation (28!) makes me think of another countdown--this one completely lovely: my wonderful, much-missed, ex-roommate Holly Nicole is returning in only 14 days. I can't wait.

Hmm. I hope this post isn't too scattered. I'm really out of it (you can ask my roommates for proof). A cold + getting to bed at 2am + a long week of writing papers will do that do you.

That's enough. I'm out.
J. Alexis


  1. more evidence of the "scatteredness" of Jana Alexis:

    Jana - "mmm...that looks like it would be good" (while looking at my smoothie to which I had added granola)

    Me - "it is introduced me to it"

    Jana - "i did?"

    Me - (explaining situation)

    Jana - "oh yeah" (laughing)

    I love you, Jana! And I really enjoy laughing with you!

  2. Jana Alexis!!!
    Sounds like an AMAZING time in Chicago!!! So excited you girls were able to go. And FYI: I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. i'm glad you were able to catch a show in Chicago for your birthday. I hope you have a wonderful and very happy birthday tomorrow.


  4. I hope you are getting better now... ?