Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finals Phase II

As promised, here is the completion of my "finals" week run-down. I spent a lot of time organizing, cleaning, and packing. God has blessed me with so much . . . it's definitely time to clean out my collection of stuff.

I also spent a good amount of time checking girls out of their rooms. This involved hanging around my room until they were ready and then using a check-out sheet to make sure there was no new damage to the room. Probably the least-popular aspect of the RA job.

Wednesday night was a come-and-go RA fondue dinner. I enjoyed the shrimp and also the bread dipped in cheese. Then on Thursday night the female RAs from Founders went to dinner with our RD. Noma in downtown South Bend is an eclectic Asian spot with a dress code. It was snazzy. I enjoyed my pad thai with crab meat and shrimp. Delicious! It was a great night to finish up the year.

My girls--Holly, Nora, Charity, Megan--and I tried to do some special things during the last week. This included:
  • Pizza at Holly's house on Tuesday night. Mrs. Birkey made her amazing pizza and we celebrated Nora's 23rd birthday.
  • Roommate breakfast at Sufficient Grounds on Thursday morning. Holly, Megan, Charity, and I laughed entirely too much.
  • Brunch Saturday morning at Holly's grandma's house with Holly's mom, sister, grandma, aunt, and Nora. Holly's grandma is a wonderful entertainer and it was a wonderful girls' morning.
  • Rollerblading with Holly at Notre Dame on Saturday afternoon. It sure is beautiful in the spring!
  • Reminiscing and worshipping Jesus with Holly. We enjoyed remembering all that God has done over the last four years and all of the wonderful memories.
  • Tim Tam slamming party and watching "The Majestic" on Saturday evening. I ironed our gowns and Holly painted her toenails while we watched.

Friday evening was the Graduation Dinner. Mom, Dad, Jason, and Grandma came. Holly and her parents were able to sit with us. It was a wonderful evening of music, food, speeches, and celebration.

I think that brings you up-to-speed.
What a week.

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