Monday, May 12, 2008

Turkey Run

Now begin the wonderful summer updates. Aren't you excited.

This past weekend I went camping with my friends, Greg and Liz, and three of their friends: Bryce, Grant, and Keith. We arrived at Turkey Run on Friday evening. It rained but we set up camp anyway and it cleared up later on. It was beautiful on Saturday. We hiked and relaxed and ate cookies and hiked some more and played frisbee golf (which I enjoyed despite my feeble attempt at throwing a frisbee).

Saturday night it started raining when we went to bed . . . and rained some more . . . and kept on raining. The picture below is of Liz and I wringing out my sleeping bag. I slept on top and, thank goodness, the water didn't soak all the way through until the morning. We were literally sleeping on a puddle. Exciting times, for sure.
I thoroughly enjoyed all of the laughter during the whole weekend. (And it's completely fine that I couldn't join in with all those "Dumb & Dumber" quotes.) And I just soaked in all of the scenery and relaxation.

The weekend was like a deep breath . . .


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend :)

    Love you and missing you.

  2. Deep breaths are so amazing. I'm glad you were able to get away...

  3. frisbee golf. :-) Thanks for playing!

  4. JUST saw this, yay for camping! Can't believe how time has flown and now you are married to Bryce, when only on this trip he was a guy you kinda knew!