Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Full Life

My life is full. And I don't even try to plan anything.

Friday night to Saturday morning:
I taught at a State of Grace dance workshop--"Once Upon a Workshop"--in Goshen. Rene and Jeanie were so enjoyable to work alongside. We enjoyed our sushi dinner on Friday night (I had raw sushi and it was delicious!). Rene and I decided to create a new eclectic, high-end shopping experience: Urban Forest. And I danced like crazy. (Sorry to those girls who had to put up with my moaning the rest of the weekend.)

Saturday night to Sunday afternoon:
Since I was already up that way, I decided to visit my Bethel friends. Holly spoiled me royally--dinner, talking, laughing, coffee, brownies, and more chatting. I love how we don't have any trouble coming up with things to talk about--my mouth just starts running. And then lunch with Nora and Megs on Sunday. So thankful that I was able to see all of you!

Back to work. Guess what!? I really like my job. I'm on my own now--the girl whose spot I'm taking has officially left. I'm planning itineraries, ordering online, researching graphic design companies, delivering mail, running errands to Pak Mail--the variety is seemingly endless.

When I took the mail to the mailbox, I discovered an earwig sitting there. Not many things give me the creeps . . . but earwigs are one of them. In elementary school, I spent the night with a friend in a tent . . . and we woke up surrounded by thousands of earwigs. (At least that's how I remember it.) Ever since then, I can't stand them.

Just in case you don't know . . . I just wanted to remind you that I like to dance. I'm sure loving all of these opportunities right now. Pictures from the weekend:

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  1. God is gracious. And I'm sure enjoying having you home. Thanks be to God for family.