Monday, June 2, 2008


P . . . You would not believe how many papers/notes/tests/study guides one can accumulate during four years of undergrad. Okay. Maybe if you know me you can. About two weeks ago, I spent a few hours sorting through and condensing into one box. The following picture (sorry for the blurriness) shows the final product: trash pile and save box.

E . . . I'm trying to fit exercising back into my schedule. It's not hard because I really want to be outside when I get home from a day at the office. Mom and I are going to the park a few times a week. Running, biking, walking, rollerblading . . . I just want to be moving and soaking in that sunshine.

A . . . Work at Ambassadors is going well. I told one friend last week: 4 days down and only hundreds left to go. Just kidding! I know working is part of life and I think I'm going to enjoy this job. I feel comfortable there already--joking around with my coworkers and joining in the office talk by the scanner.

N . . . I am excited about this new phase of life. I'm excited about what Jesus is doing in me. I'm excited to see the new opportunities He's going to bring my way. It's like starting with a brand-new slate here in Fort Wayne. Slowly, slowly, He's renewing and refreshing my vision. "Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart . . ."

U . . . We attended umpteen graduation open houses this weekend. Actually, it was only four. And the food/fellowship more than made up for the busyness. It was good to reconnect with friends: Tallie, Beth, Chris, Alex, Breannah, Erin, Brad, Brenda, and others. You guys are the best.

T . . . Have I ever said how thankful I am for my Bethel friends? Charity (my thinking twin, who's currently studying in Spain), Nora (my favorite massager, who's serving God by serving youth at her church), Megan (my wonderful most recent roommate, who's learning to trust Jesus this summer), and Holly (my growth & grace companion, who's dreaming big dreams).

And yes. This does spell "peanut." For no other reason than that I like eating peanuts a lot.
Jordan wants me to finish this by writing "Jordan is amazing." So, I will.


  1. Peanuts are in pad Thai and that also makes them good.

    I'm glad work is going so well. :)

  2. It is a joy to have you home again, my Jans. It is a new phase; you are a new person. At least for a season, I get to watch God in your life. A blessing. Soar.

  3. Uncle Brett and I STILL have college notes! We need to get into the basement and do some serious tossing. I have deep affection for some of them though, like the cute little mice I drew in my immunology notes. Sadly, I bet most things have changed or "they've" discovered new and better things.

    MMmmmm....pad Thai makes me HUNGRY!

    Hugs to you and your whole family!
    Aunt Cate

  4. Jana...I am so thankful for you too! It's funny that you mention "thinking twin" because today I went to a museum where I put something on my head to measure brain waves. It was a game against someone else to see who could think the "least!" The winner was the one who got the little metal ball to go to the other person's side by not thinking as much as them. =) I WON! I think it's because, though I think a lot and really hard, I can also relax pretty well. Sorry...that got to be a long story. *grin*

    Also along the lines of being "thinking twins," I wrote a poem recently that I wanted to dedicate to you because it reminded me of conversations we've had and our similarities. =) You could read it and let me know if you agree with's on my blog.

    I love you, Jana...and I miss our conversations about life (I could use one right about now).


  5. I meant to ask you, if after you read it, would you mind if I write that I'm dedicating it to you on my blog...or is that weird?