Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shoes vs. Barefeet

One Eberly-ism: We walk around while we're brush our teeth. Might as well get things done while being only partially occupied. Why waste time?

In the summer, I would much rather go barefoot than wear shoes. After a day in the office, I don't want to even see another shoe. However, I like shoes (although I do not have 200 like my fellow business colleague). I bought two new pair the other day when Jess and I went shopping. Work shoes. But they're still fun.

I admire women who work in an office and go home to care for a family at the end of day. After 8-10 hours at the office, I am wiped out. I certainly do not feel like being productive. My hat is off to those ladies.

The following information on one of my favorite cookies ever--Tim Tams--is from Wikipedia. I can vouch for the accuracy of the "Tim Tam Slam" description.

Tim Tams are a chocolate biscuit (cookie) made by Arnott's Biscuits, Australia. A Tim Tam is composed of two layers of chocolate malted biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filling, and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate. According to Arnott's, around 35 million packs are sold each year – nearly 400 million biscuits, an average of approximately 1.7 packs per Australian. Tim Tams were first put onto the market in 1964.
The Tim Tam Slam is the practice of biting off the opposing corners of a Tim Tam, and using the modified biscuit as a 'straw' to suck up a hot beverage (usually tea, coffee, hot chocolate, Milo, or liquor such as Irish Cream). Ideally, the inside of the biscuit should collapse but the outside should remain intact. Just before the biscuit falls apart, it is placed in the mouth.


  1. I've started to do that more often... do things while brushing my teeth.

    The other day i thought of you when i went shopping at a secondhand store. I got a pair of Nike rollerblades, practically new, for $20, and a couple of shirts really cheap. It made me think of our Goodwill trips :)

  2. My roommate, Karen, and I could hold conversations while brushing our teeth. Uncle Brett has a really hard time understanding what I'm saying. Enjoy the conversations, because you'll never know when you'll meet someone who can't understand toothpaste!

  3. why hello! =)
    you changed your blog name--i like it. mouth is watering as a result of the detailed Tim Tam Slam description. ;)
    and...whenever i see red shoes i think of you

  4. I make beds, strighten the living room, pretty much do what ever I can one handed while I brush my teeth. Funny that others do this as well.