Monday, July 21, 2008

Idiot in the Mud

Sometimes I can be an idiot.

For example, when I walk around the office for an entire morning with a price tag still on my shirt. (Why didn't someone say something?)

And when I ice my leg too much and give myself frostbite. (Honestly . . . and it's painful.)

Just proves this visual that Chris and I developed while on a road trip. Imagine you're in a mud puddle. Mud equals sin, humanness, self. Believe it or not, you will never actually get completely out of the puddle or mud-free. That is, until Heaven. Instead, strive to climb out as far as you can by the grace of God, never wallow, and let the rain of Jesus wash you clean.

Two extremes are wrong. For one, letting yourself get up-to-the-neck in mud and not care. And two, expecting yourself to be completely clean - striving for perfection and being surprised when you fail. No matter what you do, you can never make it in your own strength or by your own merit. Instead, when you see yet another splotch of mud, it's time to ruefully look up at Jesus and say, "It's me again, Lord!"

At times I am overwhelmed when I consider my very-flawed self and the knowledge that Jesus loves me. I am overwhelmed as I grasp more and more the extent of God's grace. I'm an idiot, covered with mud.

Yes, covered with mud.
But clinging to Grace.
Jana Alexis

Monday, July 14, 2008

Million $ Jackpot

Time to fill the blog world in on the life of Jana. Since last updating:
  • I've been working (obviously).
  • I danced in my friend, Stephanie's wedding. Such an honor!
  • I visited Indy twice.
  • I spent 3 hours at a coffee shop, just for fun.
  • I hurt my calf dancing and haven't been able to run in a week.
  • I was mom last week, because my Mom was in Virginia (that means cooking, cleaning, and laundry for whomever happened to be home).
  • Jess and I cooked Pad Thai for dinner one night and went to Concordia to talk.
  • I got my hair cut for the first time in 5 months.
  • I went shopping for work clothes--and, thanks to Liz, it was quite successful.
  • I've been enjoying Ephesians and 1 Peter chapter 1.

Working for a family with millions is an interesting experience. I'm not sure I'd want that kind of money (although I would probably figure out how to handle it). I read this today:

  • Chance of winning the mega millions lottery jackpot: 1 in 175,711,536
  • Chance of winning a million-dollar game-show price (after you beat the odds of actually getting on the set): 1 in 414,414
  • Chance of inheriting $1 million (even if you attend all the family functions): slim to none

So, there are your encouraging odds. :)

Do you want to know where you have better odds? Get this . . . when you pray for forgiveness and seek the grace of Jesus Christ, it's right there. Every time. He is faithful to forgive and to answer everyone who surrenders. His sacrifice paid the whole price of my rebellion. Completely. There's no guesswork, no hoping, no wishing. It's done. He did/does/will do it.

And that's a million times better than a trillion dollars.

Truly, He is my Hope.
Jana Alexis

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Right Now

"The God who orchestrates the universe has a good many things to consider that have not occurred to me, and it is well that I leave them to Him. But one thing I do understand: He offers me holiness at the price of relinquishing my own will." (Elizabeth Elliot)

I don't know what Jesus is doing.
I'm trying to trust Him with the process when I don't know the end result.
I'm learning to listen.
There is grace for mistakes.
Did You know that His plan is most likely beyond the scope of your immediate vision?
I trust this faithful God -- the One Who delights in making me more like Jesus.
And, if I ask Him, He'll make me more like Jesus, no matter what it takes.
Even if it involves pain or difficulty.
He is not concerned with keeping me "safe" or "happy."

I want Jesus to know that "I fully intend to obey Him." (Elizabeth Elliot)
No matter what.
Right now.