Monday, July 21, 2008

Idiot in the Mud

Sometimes I can be an idiot.

For example, when I walk around the office for an entire morning with a price tag still on my shirt. (Why didn't someone say something?)

And when I ice my leg too much and give myself frostbite. (Honestly . . . and it's painful.)

Just proves this visual that Chris and I developed while on a road trip. Imagine you're in a mud puddle. Mud equals sin, humanness, self. Believe it or not, you will never actually get completely out of the puddle or mud-free. That is, until Heaven. Instead, strive to climb out as far as you can by the grace of God, never wallow, and let the rain of Jesus wash you clean.

Two extremes are wrong. For one, letting yourself get up-to-the-neck in mud and not care. And two, expecting yourself to be completely clean - striving for perfection and being surprised when you fail. No matter what you do, you can never make it in your own strength or by your own merit. Instead, when you see yet another splotch of mud, it's time to ruefully look up at Jesus and say, "It's me again, Lord!"

At times I am overwhelmed when I consider my very-flawed self and the knowledge that Jesus loves me. I am overwhelmed as I grasp more and more the extent of God's grace. I'm an idiot, covered with mud.

Yes, covered with mud.
But clinging to Grace.
Jana Alexis


  1. I once ided my leg until I got frostbite as well. I think I was a freshman in high school... I survived, but I had a crazy icky spot on my leg for a while. So funny that someone else has had that happen.

  2. you won't believe this jana, but i updated my blog. i know - CRAZZZZY!

    love ya and i'll see you tomorrow morning :)

  3. Sorry about the price tag incident! I've often walked around with a drier sheet in my clothes. Thankfully, I don't THINK it was ever sticking out.

  4. Hi Jana!
    It was good to see you last had been way too long. Too bad we didn't get to talk more. I hope you are doing well!