Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn Sunrise

It's just Jordan and I at home. He called to me from the other room: "What's that weird noise in there?" I walked to the doorway and said: "What? Me singing?" And then I made a sad face and let my shoulders sag. :) He just grinned at me. I sure love my brother Jordan.

Mom, Grandma, and I sat at a cold soccer game tonight - there was no sun and the wind was blowing across the fields. I wore layers for the first time. Yes! I love fall. I love "October." I love the changing leaves (mostly because I love reds). I love the autumn smell. I love pulling out the winter clothes. I love fall foods (soup, pumpkin pie, grits) and fall drinks (hot cider, hot tea, hot chai).

There is stirring hope even in the midst of death. Yes, dying must come before renewed life. "You offer hope when our hearts have hopelessly lost our way."

I had a lovely weekend in Indianapolis. The 2-hour drive down only took a few years; I finally made it. Bryce's brother was married on Saturday: rehearsal Friday night, wedding Saturday at 11am, reception, and then time with his extended family until 7:30pm. Lots of family was in town - so many names and faces to remember. I just tried to mentally put people with the right family.

There were also times of just relaxing and talking. Eating ice cream cake. Watching "Dear Frankie" with Greg and Liz. Eating hot grape nuts (amazing, Greg!). Talking with Liz Sunday morning (and only giving ourselves about 15 minutes to get ready for church). Watching football and napping. Sure didn't want to get in that car to head back home.

Work: pretty busy right now. As of last Tuesday, I now am the CEO's direct assistant - so every single assignment or request that he has comes through me. Yikes! It's a little overwhelming. (The first day I sat in an hour and a half meeting for Daryle to give me tasks: 64 of them. And, yes, we numbered them all.) Yet, I am trying to rise to the challenge - serving my supervisors and pleasing them with my work. Above all, I want to please Jesus.

Consider Jesus. Know Jesus. See Jesus. Remember Jesus. Find Jesus. Serve Jesus. Live Jesus. Trust Jesus. Share Jesus. Pursue Jesus. Love Jesus.

"His splendor was like the sunrise." Hab. 3
Like an autumn sunrise.
Jana Alexis

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

AFE Stories

AFE = Ambassador Family Enterprises

The place I call "home" about 45 hours of the week.

What does a typical day look like in the life of Jana? That's a good question. It's never the same.

Today: pick up the PO Box mail, arrive @ ten till 8am, Learning Time class for 2 hours, sort mail, respond to 15 e-mails, call the payroll contact, lunch with Alex (yay!), create a credit card manual in Word, 401(k) meeting, create a Contact Card and Feedback form for a meeting on Thursday, respond to a few more e-mails, and finally head for home @ 6:20pm.

Last week I gave myself two paper cuts on my hangnail on my pointer finger. Do you know how hard it is to do things with a Bandaid on your pointer finger? Especially typing.

I had the most amazing plum at work the other day. Nanci - our Cafe lady - has been buying different fruit lately. Now I'm craving a kiwi. I'll have to see if she can find those . . . although I'm sure they won't be half as good as the ones in Australia.

Elizabeth (my direct supervisor), Arlan (my direct Vice-President supervisor), and I all wore green last Thursday. Zach (a support colleague and cubicle partner) missed the memo and wore blue. We dubbed it "green day" and then all decided to make Friday "black day."

I'm on a tea kick now. They have honey-vanilla-chamomile tea in the Cafe, which is amazing. Definitely my new favorite. Drinking tea brings back lovely memories of last year in Egle 101, making me slightly homesick for those girls, that room, and those conversations.

So, there you have it. Random stories and snippets from my AFE life.

Striving to "consider Jesus" above all.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

daily tasks

"The kingdom of God does not operate spectacularly, with a sudden rush of irresistible force, but rather like a seed and yeast. These are small and wholly unimpressive and go to work only when buried . . . ready to begin the slow and marvelous process of transformation." E. Elliot

Daily tasks.
Drinking water. Delivering mail. Transcribing phone messages.
Apparent monotony.
Jesus is there.

Small crisises.
Tempation to be stressed and worried.
Yet, rememberance of many things to be thankful for.
Jesus is there.

Life continues for Jana Alexis. For my friends away I would like to update with something . . . but I'm not even sure what to write about. Let's see . . . my weekend consisted of moving rooms, biking with Bryce, hanging with the Millers, MIMETime at Grabill Fair, drive to Indy, church at Eagle, Subway lunch, helping setup for an event, naps, Country Night, and drive back to Fort Wayne. Crazy. I know.

Yet, during the week seems slow at times for me. I'm working, practicing the bass and playing for youth group, trying to exercise, attending a soccer game here and there, talking on the phone to a certain someone, and meeting with Jesus. My hours at work haven't been too crazy, which is lovely. I'm trying to keep some boundaries and leave on time, or close to on time.

It's in the daily, seemingly-visionless times that the true challenge of following Jesus arises. It's in the times of transition and instability. Will I trust Him? Will I continue to serve and to praise Him? May it be so.

In Him.
Jana Alexis