Monday, October 6, 2008

Cake Icing

I've begun to mark the passing of time at work by how many Post-It note packets I go through. I think I'm on #6. It's purple this time.

The weekend was lovely. Much needed time with the girls: Christina, Alexis, and I. (The three-headed monster reunites!) Alex and I drove down on Friday night to join Chris, Bryce, Keith, Cammi, and Dustin for a time of worship and prayer. So refreshing. Saturday morning Alex and I relaxed in bed for an hour, just because we could. We laughed and reminisced. After breakfast with Bryce and Liz, we headed to UofIndy to see Chris' apartment, eat lunch with the girls, and then capture Chris for an afternoon downtown. We shopped at H&M and climbed to the top of the monument and bought fruit smoothies and talked about what Jesus is doing in our lives.

Alex and I finished our roadtrip with a viewing of the Davis Hall Follies at HU. Jason and the Treblemakers performed a medley from Newsies - and they did an amazing job with the blocks of choreography that I taught them. Bryce joined us there for the performance and then came back up to Fort Wayne for the evening. Sunday consisted of church (great sermon: Jesus is enough) and napping at the Millers while they watched the Colts.

Now, the following blip is specifically for Holly and Jessica. The rest of you will have to bear with me. :) In memory of many sessions of clothes-finding-fun and outfit-concoctions, here are two fun work outfits from a few weeks ago. I'm sure enjoying all of my new work clothes. Oh, the little things God does that aren't necessary at all - He's amazing. Icing on the cake. Over the top.

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  1. Thanks for the pics!!! :) And let me know when you start Post-it note package #7 please! ;) love ya...