Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yes. This is post #90. I should have a party or something. Maybe I'll go eat some of that pumpkin crunch in the fridge. (Don't forget the whipped cream.)

Tuesday night. This is my usual night to practice the bass for Wednesday night youth group. I pull out my bass from underneath my bed and pluck away for about an hour. Ryan usually gives us the chord sheets and a CD on the Wednesday before. I certainly can't play the songs like they're meant to be played, but I'm enjoying the challenge of trying and I love worshipping along with the students.

Tuesday is also my usual night to prepare to meet with Lydia. We've been meeting for almost two months now, I think. Our study book about walking with Jesus by showing the fruits of the spirit is sure challenging me. I love discussing the chapters with her and hearing her perspective. Love you, Lydia! And I love how you're striving to follow Jesus!

This past weekend I went with the Unleashed Youth Group to Camp Crosley for the annual senior high retreat. (I haven't been there for a retreat since 2003! So many memories!) We used a study that I created my sophomore year of college - my Mom and I revamped it to work for 4 sessions. The theme was abandoned - let go. Abandoned became an acronym for the following phrases: adventure - be strong - allow - now - dream - "out of the wreck" - never - exhausted - discipleship. I taught one of the girls' sessions.

Bryce joined us for the weekend - he led worship and also one of the guys' sessions. It was great to serve together. And it was wonderful to be outside (even though it was freezing and raining at times). I loved the camp food, watching a crazy football game with some girls, playing redball, having my quiet time in the morning with tea, playing euchre (and winning), and listening to guys worship. At one point, I was just overwhelmed with a desire for these students to know Jesus - to really know Him. I pray the weekend served to spur them on into knowing Him.

In His grace.
Because only in His grace do I have true freedom.
And I can truly glorify Him.
Jana Alexis

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  1. how do you get to post #90?????!!! i have 1/9th of that number! : ) thanks for your consistency in updating. i think i'm going to set aside time to do it regularly next semester...sounds like a procrastinator, doesn't it? ; )

    thank you for the comment on my post. love you and miss you...(it's weird to be in Illinois and think that it's "home" now)