Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Rice

I'm home alone. Eating rice, veggies, and soy sauce for dinner (all mixed together, mind you). Relaxing after a long day at work (two hour meetings from 3-5 should not be allowed). Contemplating life (okay - not really, but the verb fit in nicely).

I think it is time for random thoughts from Jana. I have been:
  • Developing friendships at work - I love our new HR executive, Pam - she's becoming a second mom to me.
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with my family (minus Jess) - lots of good food and relaxing.
  • Enjoying a game night with a group of friends - just like old times - I like laughing with them.
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with Bryce's family - got to hold a six-week old baby a few times - loved spending three whole days with Bryce.
  • Can I just say that I love giving my brother Jordan a hard time? We have too much fun in the evenings - when I'm not too tired, that is.
  • Going to our work Christmas party - I helped to plan and host the event - it was a lot of fun but totally exhausted me and consumed many, many hours of work.
  • Recouping from a bad cold after crashing from exhaustion after working too much.
  • Playing with the youth group band for the last time this year - Bryce was here and played with us - I'm glad I got that over with. :)
  • Continuing to meet with Lydia - we had a great discussion about "goodness" today.

Joy to the world! This Saturday, for the first time since the end of July, all six of us will be home. My entire family will be in one state, in one house. Can you say, "amazing"? I'm so looking forward to the two weeks when all of us will be home.

Not sure what to write from here. Sometimes my thoughts are all jumbled in my head - nothing very profound or solid. I'm thankful that Jesus walks with me, even during these times, at all times. He's too good to me.

That's all.
I'm going to go get some more rice.
Jana Alexis