Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Twenty-Five

There's this phenomenon circling the Facebook world: a note titled "25 Things." I thought: "Why not jump on the bandwagon and use this opportunity to update blog-world at the same time?" So, without further ado, the "Twenty-Five" of Jana Alexis.
  1. I love peanut butter. Sometimes I have to give myself a time limit when I eat it, otherwise I won't stop.
  2. My whole family was home for Christmas - all six of us in the same house. I especially enjoyed ice skating with the siblings, Dwight, and Bryce.
  3. Working at Ambassador keeps me busy and most of the time I love it.
  4. Yes, I, Jana Alexis, am engaged to Bryce Langebartels. And I am so happy.
  5. I love the ocean.
  6. I talk to myself all the time.
  7. I am in the process of planning two weddings - one for my sister and one for myself. And I've never even been in a wedding.
  8. I enjoy making lists . . . and lists of lists. And I love to start a new one as soon as I cross everything off.
  9. I miss my far away friends: Jessica, Holly, and Amy.
  10. Dancing is my passion . . . but I haven't done one single step since mid-June of last year.
  11. Three weeks ago I traveled to upstate New York with Bryce and 4 others: driving, playing worship, skiing, tubing, visiting Times Square and more driving.
  12. I love my family so much.
  13. Summer = swinging, walking barefoot, bike rides, boating, reading outside, ice water, and trimming the bushes.
  14. I do not like cumbers, olives, or pickles. At all.
  15. Most everything in my life will change in the next six months: living situation, job, bank, city, church, last name - everything.
  16. I like taking road trips with Alex to visit Chris in Indy. It's a blessed thing when the three-headed monster reunites.
  17. I like Eagle Church in Indy . . . and I'm excited to go there every Sunday eventually.
  18. Right now I play the bass more than I dance. Crazy.
  19. I'm going to visit Bethel soon - and show Bryce around my home for 4 years.
  20. I like to give my hair pep-talks in the morning. (Just ask Holly - she can attest to this.)
  21. I love this guy named Bryce Daniel.
  22. I do not like living in a different city from above mentioned Bryce Daniel.
  23. Jesus is amazingly faithful to me and I want to live my life "so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God."
  24. When I grow up I would like to be an interior designer, learn Spanish, be a photographer, learn some sort of karate, teach English, help people beautify their surroundings, visit every continent except Antarctica, get a masters degree, wear a red dress, be a lawyer, run a mini-marathon, and be a mom.
  25. I love red shoes.


  1. Congratulations on your engagement. When will you be getting married?

  2. Thanks. :) I'm getting married on August 15. Less than 6 months away . . . and so much to do.

  3. August is a great month to be married ;). All I can say is this... There will be a lot of expectations that others will have regarding your wedding... just be sure you plan the day for you and Bryce and not for anyone else. Moms and sisters and brothers and even dads and friends are all going to have ideas about what is proper and the best idea. But at the end of the day it's your day, not theirs. I don't know what it is about weddings that bring out the very strong opinions of others... especially toward the end! Anyway, that's always what I tell brides to be when they are planning their wedding. It can be stressful trying to make it everything to everyone... when it only needs to be something to two. I'm sure you will be a beautiful bride. Have a wonderful time dreaming about your day...

  4. Hey Jana... I just stumbled upon your blog and thought that everything you wrote was very neat :)... and about you wanting to run a mini-marathon. There is an awesome one in Indianapolis in May. Just wanted to let you know.

    -Abigail Young