Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crock-Pots and Christmas Tree Shops

Five things on a rainy and cold Tuesday afternoon.

1. Bryce and I are very proud of the fact that we have not turned on the heat in our apartment yet. Not until it's absolutely necessary. A few times it has been in the lower 50s when we wake up...and we still refuse. Thursday will probably be the day, though. I figure waiting until November 19 is pretty good.

2. Chris and I went to The Christmas Tree Shop (http://www.christmastreeshops.com/) on Saturday. I was in bargain heaven! And I had such a great time finding gifts and items for our apartment. Cheap throw pillows. Yes! Fun serving platter. Yes! Good price on Balsamic vinegar. Yes! Fall wreath for the front door. Oh yes!

3. The most frustrating thing about my back hurting is that I can't clean my apartment. It doesn't look that dirty but I know it's been too long since it was last cleaned and it bothers me. I was finally able to clean our bathroom last night. And you have no idea how good it felt. Hopefully I'm feeling so much better by Saturday that I can do a thorough once-over.

4. Crock-pot soups are the bomb. Bryce and I have come up with a good system. (At least I think it's a good system.) I figure out what we're going to eat, grocery shop (which I do every 2 weeks), and then do the prep the night before. The morning of, I leave the recipe on the counter and remind Bryce when I kiss him goodbye. And then he throws everything in the crock-pot when he gets up. We've tried some good recipes so far in our cooking experimenting.

5. Our new favorite show is "Lie to Me." It's on Fox on Monday nights. I like the story lines and the way you have to use your brain as you watch. And the fact that there is no violence but it's still exciting. :) You know me.

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