Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It Doesn't Like Me

Blog #100.
And what a more fitting way to blog on my one hundredth blog than to tell a sad story.

My back does not like me.

After eighteen years of dancing and six chiropractors, it really is no wonder. I'm not surprised. But I am surprised that it decided to act up after:
1) a mere workout (via DVD) in my living room and three hours of housecleaning
2) a week of slight pain - it hurt to cough or sneeze
3) a walk at the end of the week at Brown County park (less than a mile)
4) and the final straw: bending over on Sunday morning while getting ready for church (I just bent over! I wasn't even reaching for anything!)

Something popped/snapped/shifted when I bent over. And then I was on my back for forty-eight hours. Just like that. In too much pain to sit up by myself or move my left arm. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. It's better but not back to normal by any means.

I told you.
My back does not like me.

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