Monday, November 23, 2009

"Reflecting an Urgency"

Chuck Colson is one of the initiators of a historic declaration, released on November 20, 2009. The Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience challenges Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical Christians (those who follow Jesus Christ as the only way) to stand for the value of human life, the institution of marriage between one man & one woman, and religious liberty for all. It has been signed by 152 U.S. leaders, including Tim Keller, Josh McDowell, Dr. J.I. Packer, and Cardinal Justin Rigali. And 39,863 other Americans have added their support. I just read the document and it is certainly to-the-point, foundational, and, in my opinion, excellent.

World Magazine article: "Reflecting an Urgency"

Read the declaration:

Sign the declaration:

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  1. The end of that paper was interesting. "But under no circumstances will we render to Caesar what is God’s." In the case of marriage, why is the government involved at all? Marriage is a spiritual institution. The government shouldn't really be making a call about it either way. Sadly, the government doesn't really know what is or isn't its business anymore.

    Just my two cents. :)