Friday, December 11, 2009

friday favorites

a friday list of favorites. just because.

*decaf coffee* because i love the taste & the warmth. i do not like feeling jittery so decaf is the answer. delicious.

*white chocolate caramel macadamia nut cheesecake* i had this last night at the cheesecake factory and i think i have a new favorite. half of it is waiting for me in my refrigerator at home. yes.

*photographs* i think pictures are my favorite thing to decorate with. in order to have some sort of theme in my eclectic apartment, i've decided that all of my hanging decorations will be photographs of some sort. that, and mirrors. i also love mirrors.

*my mom* my wonderful mother is coming to spend a day with me tomorrow. and i am very, very excited. i'm trying to decide what we can fit in one day. i'm sure lots of chatting will take place!

*christmas music* to start my very own christmas music collection, i bought a "rat pack" compilation (dean martin, frank sinatra, & sammy davis, jr.). i've been listening to it in the morning when i get ready for work. and it just puts me in the best of moods.

*my black boots* i love my black boots. last year i put aside some money to buy them...the trouble was i had something in my mind that i wanted and it took me a year to actually find them. but it was well worth the wait. i wore my black boots 3 of 5 work days this week. so warm & cute. the perfect combination.

*so you think you can dance* yes - it's a dance show and i do like it. bryce very nicely puts up with it. he just doesn't get the whole dance thing. yet. the sytycd finale is next week and i so hope kathryn wins. she did her solo to a brooke fraser song last week, "shadowfeet." go kathryn!

and finally . . .

*snow* we don't have any yet but i'm patiently waiting. bryce doesn't know of any good sledding spots but we're going to find one. i'm craving a good evening of sledding. that, and tobogganing sounds lovely. hopefully soon.

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