Thursday, December 3, 2009


I need a safe place.

I love my family and I miss them so much. But they will not always be around me. They cannot be my safe place.

My home will not always feel like a sanctuary . . . although I love it. I don't get to spend much time there with work, spending time with family-in-laws, etc. It will not always be a safe place.

Church is not a safe haven. I'm not at home there yet. And it's not completely comfortable.

My friends are spread out all over the world and will not always be available. They have lives of their own to live. I cannot count on them to be a safe place.

Bryce is my best friend. His concern, care, patience, and love amazes me. And yet he cannot be my foundation.

Only Jesus is my true safe place.
Only He can satisfy my desire for protection, security, warmth, and hope.
He is my shelter, foundation, hiding place, and refuge.
Jesus, come to me.


  1. Very true. All of these things can be vessels Jesus uses, but never the true Safety that is His very person.

  2. Jana, I absolutely love this! It's beautiful to realize this. Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart. :)
    Love you,