Thursday, December 24, 2009

this world will never be the same

Wow. Flashback. This morning on K-love (a national Christian radio station), they said their most requested Christmas song is "This World" by Twila Paris. My mom had a Twila Paris Christmas cassette when I was growing up . . . I remember sitting on the dryer in our kitchen in Yoder, just singing this song at the top of my lungs.

And fun fact: Twila's dad actually wrote this song when she was a little girl.

This world . . . this world . . .
This old world will never be the same
Since the Son of God was born a little baby in Bethelehem

Lost world in despair
Christ came to answer prayer
Peace did the angels sing
And presented to the earth its newborn King
Hated by His own
Dying all alone
Crucified that day
For the sins of the world He had to pay
As in days of yore
Teaching by the shore
Jesus, speak again
To a world that's filled with war and pain
Come oh Christ our King
Peace on earth to bring
Come Lord from above
'Cause we'll never know peace 'til we have Your love

I can't seem to enbed the video . . . but here is a link from the only video of this song on youtube (pardon the dog barking periodically!).

Yes, indeed. This world will never be the same because of the birth & death of the God-man Jesus Christ, Emmanuel. No other person has so dramatically impacted the world. Two thousand years later and He is still bringing change and hope.

Merry Christmas.
Jana Alexis

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