Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Thoughts

It's finally snowing here in Indy . . . a real snow. I prepared myself accordingly this morning: wore my cropped pants & boots (#1 pet peeve: wet pants or socks or feet), put my hair in a ponytail (just throwing that in there), left a good half hour early (and was only 7 minutes late to work - even with only going 20 mph on the highway), and drove the "jeep" with 4wd (as I lovingly call the Pathfinder - just to bother Bryce). I hope we get at least 5 inches . . . or maybe 6. That would make me really happy. This is why I like winter.

And it brings back all sorts of winter & snow memories. Layering up as kids and playing in the snow for what seemed like hours. Sledding at 11 p.m. with the Schenkes and Nelson - and not sledding "normally" by any means. Skiing for the first time last January. Making snow angels and dancing in the snow with college roommates & friends. Fun snow times indeed. I like snow.

"Whiter than snow. Whiter than snow. Now wash me and I will be whiter than snow."

I spent some time confessing last night . . . my pride, vanity, self-centeredness. And then I woke up this morning to everything covered in white . . . and still being covered! It gave new meaning to the phrase: "Your mercies are new every morning." His mercy covers me like snow - completely, making me white & new again. Perhaps a snow-filled morning was what Isaiah had in mind when he penned that verse . . . probably not since he's from the Middle East but you never know.

Covered by His mercy,


  1. Jana, I have just entered the blog world and enjoyed reading yours and catching up! Bless you! Did you find a sledding hill?

  2. Beautiful post, Jana. We have had about 10 inches of snow in northeast Kansas this winter already!