Thursday, February 18, 2010

4 week blur

For those of you who are wondering what has been going on in my life, let me enlighten you with moments from the last 4 weeks.

4 weeks ago:
  • Met with a spine surgeon (this is a story for another time)
  • Starbucks coffee (actually, tea) with my friend Danielle from church
  • Bryce sneakily wrote "I love U" in my calendar
  • Looked at 7 houses on Saturday
  • Baby shower for a friend from small group (fyi: the baby's name will be Noah)
  • El Salvador meeting with the entire team + parents

3 weeks ago:

  • Grocery shop (which I do every 2 weeks)
  • Apply for a new passport that says "Jana Alexis Langebartels"
  • Sister-in-law Kristin's birthday dinner
  • Got my hair done for the first time since October
  • Met with a middle school gal that I am mentoring
  • Jordan signed at Grace!
  • Put an offer on a house!
  • Jessica had her baby!

2 weeks ago:

  • Pilates at 6 on Monday with 2 girls from small group
  • Met with Samantha, a fiance of one of the part-time guys at Bryce's work
  • Drive 1.75 hours (one way) for dinner with the Chipman's (newly married, friend's of Bryce) - this made for a very late night in the middle of the week
  • Brought fruit tray to work for "tailgating" lunch with the secretaries
  • Took movies back to the library
  • Visited FHC, a ministry to children in downtown Indy

1 week ago:

  • More physical therapy (that's sort of connected to the above story for another time)
  • Run into Target to purchase another baby shower gift
  • Finalized offer on the house!
  • Olympics begin! (I love the Olympics!)
  • Tobogganing at Pokagon State Park with 2 couples from church
  • Spent an afternoon & evening with Dad & Jason
  • Skyped with Jessica & Nehemiah!

Just typing that up makes me tired. It's been a whirlwind . . . a very fun yet crazy whirlwind.


  1. Whirlwind months are sometimes the best kind. :)

  2. youre so good about knowing what youve done.. i dont remember what i did yesterday. . . haha love you jana!
    ~Lauren *youre cousin*

  3. oh my goodness! are we doing too much? :-) It should be noted that you were tutoring Samantha and did a wonderful job helping her make visible progress in her learning!

  4. I think I'm gonna copy this format for catching up my blog... less overwhelming! Thanks for the inspiration, once again, JA! ^^