Thursday, February 11, 2010

my girls

I would like to pay tribute to my eight wonderful bridesmaids . . . new friends & friends for years. Different ages. Different walks of life. Living in different parts of the world. All so precious to me. I don't know if they saw it at the time, but I wrote a note to each of them on the back of our ceremony program. . . .

jessica “eberly” bernier (matron of honor)…….my sister. my best friend. my favorite dance partner through the years. i miss your hugs, your smile & random photo shoots.

christina schenke…….tlf. no one could ask for a better friend and confidante. praise God for a friendship that just gets deeper. “entertaining angels.” psalm 55:13-14.

alexis cooper…….who would have guessed what would come from a dance class when we were 6. crazy how time flies. fellow red shoe lover - you make me laugh!

brenda miller…….mentor, good friend and mom #2. i am more than thankful for you and our conversations at your home, a.k.a. “the hole.”

holly nichole birkey…….roommate of 4 years, i fondly remember our times of laughter, doing laundry at your home, homework parties, & rollerblading at notre dame.

amy fagerland…….my australia sister. God did a great thing during our semester there. i miss our deep coffee conversations, coogee beach, exploring, & tim-tams.

charity lane…….the friend most like me. egle 101 was one of my favorite times - running with you, drinking tea, & random discussions at sufficient grounds.

kristin langebartels…….i’m so excited to have a sister-in-law and look forward to future memory-making. you should come spend the night at our apartment!

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  1. so thankful to be counted as one of "your" girls!!!