Tuesday, March 30, 2010

speed bumps, castle & paint

Tuesday is a random thoughts day.

Reasons why I do not miss the apartment:
  • speed bumps
  • hearing perfectly what was said in the living room from upstairs in the bedroom
  • thermostat set at 64 degrees = freezing drafts in the living room
  • everything was painted white (and it was a terrible paint job at that)

Reasons why I like our house:

  • a garage - no ice scraping this morning, praise God!
  • I can play my music as loud as I want at 6:30 in the morning
  • thermostat set at 64 degrees = toasty
  • we can do whatever we want with it (paint!)

I've been rich in visits/conversations lately. Three weeks ago I spent time with my sister in Maine. Mom & Jordan visited two weeks ago. Chris visited that same weekend. Last week Sam came over. Last week Holly & I skyped. Last weekend Charity came to see me from Bethel. This coming weekend my family is visiting. Next week - State of Grace dance company reunion! Amy is flying to visit me in a month. Oh, I am rich in friends indeed!

I think I am officially addicted to the show Castle. Last week was a cliff hanger, so I made Bryce watch it with me last night since I just couldn't wait to watch it on Hulu at work today. (A late night on a Monday? I must be crazy!) And he almost (but not quite) ruined it with all of his "it wouldn't happen like that" and "they're missing ____" comments. Bryce, honey, you need to be on the police force or something like that. :)

Last weekend I tackled a painting job by myself for the first time . . . cleaned, primed a few spots, poured the paint, and started in on the baseboards, door trim & window trim in the living room & library. Terribly tedious and time-consuming but so rewarding! It's amazing what a coat of bright-white can do to change a room. (Thanks for helping, Charity & Bryce!) I'm looking forward to finishing up the main rooms downstairs next week.

This song has been on my mind: Faith without works is dead. On the cross Your blood was shed. So how could we not give it away so freely? Follow You into the homes of the broken. Follow You into the world. Meet the needs of the poor and the needy, God. Follow You into the world. Leeland & Brandon Heath

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