Thursday, April 22, 2010

seeing trim in my sleep

I do believe I'm starting to see trim in my sleep. Let me clarify what kind of trim: baseboard trim, window trim, and doorway trim. Specifically white trim. Kind of banged-up trim. Miles of trim.

Last Sunday Bryce was gone and so I decided to tackle the kitchen and dining room trim. (Let's see how many times I can put the word "trim" in this post.) I already painted the living room and library trim (read about here) a few weekends ago. Said me to myself: I should be a pro by now.

All painters must have good music (which I learned from the best - thanks Dad & Mom!). I made my very own playlist on Bryce's iTunes . . . a 3+ hour long playlist. Highlights include "Revelation Song" by Kari Jobe, Leeland's new CD, "Before the Throne" by Shane & Shane, needtobreathe's new CD, and "Beauty for Ashes" by Crystal Lewis. (Gotta throw a few oldies in there.) Music blasting from the living room, I poured a small container of semi-gloss, bright-white paint.

I painted.

Window trim is the hardest because of the many groves and making sure it doesn't dry on one side while trying to catch up on the other side. And baseboards are the most monotonous. I used a foot-long edger to make sure no paint got on the floor. The process goes something like this: put the edger up against the baseboard, paint the itsy-bitsy top edge (no taping - I just eye it), paint the rest of the foot long section up to the edger, remove the edger and wipe clean with a wet rag, make sure no paint sneaked onto the floor, scoot over a bit, and repeat.

I painted. And painted. Stopped to make some coffee. Painted. Stopped to eat a brownie and a handful of Cheese-Its. Painted some more. Poured more paint. Restarted the music. Turned on a light. Kept painting.

It took me from 2:00 p.m. to almost 9:00 p.m. (that's 7 hours) to paint the kitchen and the baseboards in the dining room. Gag. Seven hours of staring at whiteness. And I didn't even finish the dining room. No one told me how tedious it is to paint trim.

And no, there are no pictures. The trim has gone from white to slightly brighter white (granted, there are no more scuffs or stains or wood grain showing through). There's not a big difference, unless you're like me and notice that kind of thing. I hope the finished project is worth my stiff back and many hours of gazing at trim.

And yes, I just wrote an entire blog about boring old trim.
Which I will now stop writing.
About trim.
And boring you.

PS: I mentioned trim 17 times in this post. Oops. That's 18.

PS #2: I must not forget to mention that those 7 hours were one of the best times of worship I've had recently. Me, a paintbrush, and worship music. Time to sing, meditate & pray. It was a blessing.


  1. Although I'm concerned about the condition of your back right now, I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I've been wandering lately what you've been listening to these days. So, thanks to you, I'm currently listening to Leeland on Youtube. Thanks for sharing the song suggestions.^^ Way to be productive, lady!

  2. Lauren (youre cousin) writes....
    Ah, yes. I am familiar with trim painting. My mom, being the avid painter that she is.. ive painted some trim in my day. Not..the most exciting thing. In fact I gave up after an hour I think ha! And....I love needtobreathe! I went to their concert in DC a couple weeks ago <3 so good! so good!! :)
    Thanks for the update :)) Youre such an amazing writer/blogger! :)