Monday, May 17, 2010


Amy & I are basically friends made in heaven.

  • Fall '06 - We met in a smelly house-dorm in the "little Italy" of Sydney, Australia. Two strangers became like sisters in the course of 4 months studying abroad.
  • Spring '07 - Jana flew to visit Amy in New York. A day in the city, a day on Long Island visiting the family, and another day in the city seeing "Beauty & the Beast" on Broadway.
  • Spring '08 - Amy flew to visit Jana in flat & slow-paced Indiana. It was a pretty restful weekend - Krispy Kreme donuts, coffee, good conversations and dinner with all of the Eberlys.
  • Summer '09 - Jana got married and Amy drove out to Indiana to be a part of the big day.
  • Spring '10 - Amy flew to Indiana again to observe Jana's newly married life, the new house, and life in Indy.

We like to eat together (especially sushi, tim-tams, and guacamole).
Drink coffee together (especially flat whites).
Talk together (4 hours in a coffee shop and we didn't even realize the afternoon flew by).

I sure love my friend Amy.

Pictures from the most recent trip:

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  1. Jana you are so sweet. Could not have put it better myself-friends made in heaven :)

    I am so thankful for you, our time together and look forward to many good times over the years ahead. So blessed to have you in my life-you are truly a treasure.

    God bless! xoxo